December 18, 2006

I celebrated my 13th birthday last Monday with my parents, and on Friday, I went out after school to Cevahir (2nd biggest mall in the world, after the Mall of America). We saw a movie, ate Chinese food, and 2 people who couldn't go home from the mall came back to my house. It was a lot of fun.

Exams are finished, and so is my student life at MEF (cry). I have to say, I was totally caught off guard with how much I like Turkey. Even though if I was offered the chance to stay longer, I would take it, I can't wait to go home. Vivo en Durham (I live in Durham).

We are soon leaving for Prague, and I am so exicted. At first I was very set on staying in Istanbul for Christmas, the more I thought about it, the more I look forward to being in a place where people actually celebrate Christmas on Christmas.

I am happy to say that with all of the goodbyes I've had to say this past week, it might all pay off when I get to go to school in NC and say "Hi! I missed you." But when I look at my brother (who was the victim of a very tragic haircut), I can only hope that he'll remember Istanbul for more than the picturesque scenes in Aya Sofia, and the amazing statues in the Archeology Museum. I can only hope he'll remember the sound of the street-vendors pushing their carts up and down the hill yelling "SARINGE". I can only hope he'll remember the names of all the cats in the parking lot across the street, and the feeling of the cold wind or rain drumming on our hair at 7:22, 7:10, or 7:19am when we waited for the BSTC #55 bus to take us to school. But most importantly, I hope he'll remember the names of his friends, teachers, and school, so if he looked at a picture of it one day, he can say, "Yes, I was a student there. I remember very well."
Wow, that was..uh, adultlike. I gotta stop those moments.

Much Love,

P.S. SOPHIE! You have to tell me, your dogs name, have you got it yet? Tell me everything, pleasseee! I BEG OF YOU.

P.S.S. Happy Birthday Sophie!

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kyralikestotravel said...

Thank you for your eloquently "adult-like" correspondence. Remember that nations have continued to be inspired by the writings of another girl your age, Anne Frank. So it is not surprising that as you turn a year older, and experience things out of the ordinary, your accounts would inspire family and friends alike. You certainly paint a vivid picture of what life has been like for you in Turkey. Tell your lil' bro' that I'll give him a haircut next time I see you guys.
Happy B-Day and Merry X-mas!